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Are you a kanthari graduate? You can still join us for the meeting which will determine the future of the network of kanthari alumni… just email Yoshi, Anja and Tomek at

PRE-GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the alumni of kanthari

Date: Thursday, 17th December 2015
Medium: Skype, user id: kanthari_plus (please make sure you know how to mute/unmute your microphone)

Detailed timings:

6.30am (California, USA) – Tijana Kaitovic, David Sexton
11.30am (Caera, Brazil) – Anja Pfaffenzeller
2:30pm GMT (Ghana/Gambia) – Alieu Jaiteh, Sahr Yillia, Kaprie Kanu, Nana Adjoa, Saa?
3.30pm (Nigeria/Germany) – Jessica Schroeder, Tomek Kozakiewicz, Sristi KC, Oluwatimilehin Onafeso (Timmy), Marcus Akor
4.30pm (Zimbabwe) – Chipo Chikomo, Gumisayi Bonzo
5.30pm (Uganda/Kenya) – Ojok Simon, Aero Lilian Olok, Monicah Kaguithia, Erick Matsanza, Hussni Bugis
8.00pm (India) – Graham Varley, Nagendra Rijal, Emmanuel Mbaji, Fanuel Masunda, Spandana Cheruvu, Answer Nzuma, Abhijeet Sinha, Robert Malunda, Miatta Mulbah, Damilola Fasoranti, Gouri Shankar Mishra
8.15pm (Nepal) – Sarita Lamichhane
9.30pm (Thailand) – Yoshimi Horiuchi
10.30pm (Philipines, Malaysia) – Lorena Acula, Joane
Shoan Chua

Meeting agenda:

1. Report about what the working group has achieved so far – by Tomek (8min)

– WEB PORTAL: Team of 5 volunteer developers from Germany, Serbia, US and India started their work on the web portal (so far 3 meetings done and layout prepared by designer in InVisio Boostrap)
– REGISTRATION: Comparison of legal framework for registration in Germany and Poland – now we need to decide where to register!?
– DRAFT CONSTITUTION prepared along with 5 PEER SUPPORT sessions
– Research on alternative means of communication to skype (teleconferencing systems)
– difficulties: last 2 months it is very difficult to maintain commitment of WG members/alumni which results in slowing down the process
– round of comments

2. Final Name of network – by Anja (15min)

– For the purpose of the created web portal and legal registration – we need to finalize the name. 3 names have received the biggest support so far:
kanthari global network – advantage: this name underlines our global character, disadvantage: can be confused with kanthari itself
kanthari alumni network – advantage: this name explains exactly who we are in a clear way, diadvantage: can be viewed as an organization aimed to support kanthari /also it will make it very difficult to have non-kanthari members, if we decide to expand in the future
kanthari changemakers network – advantage: this name explains clearly who we are, disadvantage: it is quite long
– Which name do we choose finally?
– round of comments

3. Advantages/Disadvantages of Registration in Poland vs. Germany – by Jessica (15 min)

– GERMANY: 38 points
– POLAND: 38 points

1. How do you rate the opportunities to access donors and resources in your country?  1 (easy) – 10 (difficult), please justify supportingevidence in 2 sentences:
Germany: 8 / Poland 6
2.How easy it is for alumni from around the world to visit your country in terms of distance, visa, and flights?
Germany: 6 / Poland: 5
3. What are the costs involved in running a Foundation in Poland or Association in Germany?  (Legal, registry. renewal, auditing fees) one time registration/legal expenses:
Poland: 7 / Germany: 6 (Tomek: just an estimation as I was not sure how much the German accounting fees are)
4. How many kanthari graduates are there? 1 (no graduates) – 10 (many graduates)
Poland: 6 / Germany: 4
Poland: working group member Tomek Kozakiewicz (2013 – working group member), Joanna Zdobylak (2010), Malwina Gan (2015)
Germany: working group members Jessica Schroeder (2009), Anja Pfaffenzeller (2011)
5) Is it possible to have foreigners in the board or not –
Poland/Germany: 7 (Tomek: I assume it is very similar)
6) How many decisions need to be made with physical/paper signatures from the board? 1(all decisions with paper signatures) – 10 (all decisions online)
Poland/Germany: 7 (Assuming that registration signatures can be done by post in Germany)
7) Is a physical annual meeting of its (board) members required? Yes /No
An annual meeting is required but can be done online in both cases
– round of comments

4. Means of communication – by David (10min)

– What do we like/don’t like about how the working group communicates with me so far?
– How do we organize a general assembly when we decide to register a legal organization? (what works/what not)
– Request from the working group with regards to Whatsapp group: please post only short and relevant messages
– round of comments

5. Way forward – Plan for coming 3 months – by Samuel -10min

– To accomplish development for promotional part of web portal
– to arrange and hold General assembly were more members shall attend and share views of the network
– Recruiting members into the network structure
– Establishing network and link with other partners and donors. Especially with regards to co-funding to be raised for Erasmus+ project
– Making sure many new members involved in the project
– Registration of the alumni network in the country identified by its members.
– final round of comments