A kanthari is a person who faced adversity (inequality, violence, illness or sensory impairment) and is coming up with new solutions to old problems. The kanthari institute in Kerala, India – provides a 7 month course for these individuals (from 50+ countries) who want to transform their dream into a groundbreaking social project. (


I am Tomasz Kozakiewicz from Poland. I am a 2013 kanthari graduate. Living and working with grassroots changemakers I realized many of us struggle to start and run an effective social project. This is often due to the fact that we find it difficuilt to reflect and communicate our impact to our stakeholders.

That is how kanthari+ was born. It is a partnership initiative between the SolidarityFilmDoc Foundation in Poland, kanthari institute in India and the projects of its graduates.

The mission of ‘kanthari plus’ is to bring out the stories of kanthari graduates and support in their mission to create social change. Inspired by the Most Significant Change method to explain impact, it bring us closer to each other, our partners and supporters through:

– production and distribution of participatory videos
– newsletter and social media
– presentations/workshops
– catalyzing the kanthari alumni network

On this page kanthari graduates from various countries will share personal messages, speak about their life and the change they bring to the people they work with. The idea is to inspire each other, exchange good practices and introduce kantharis to potential supporters.

If you are inspired by any of the exciting projects and would like to be part of it do not hesitate to let me know or contact the person directly.

Warm regards

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